Linda Peng Developer, Musician, Always Learning


Hi there! I am a developer at We Also Walk Dogs, the company behind ActionKit, a powerful online organizing software powering the campaigns of progressive organizations such as the ACLU,, SumOfUs,, Everytown for Gun Safety, NRDC, Indivisible, Beto O'Rourke for Texas, and more.

Previously, I ran A/B tests to spread meaningful viral content and was a front-end developer at

What I know: HTML/CSS, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, ES6, Python, Django, and SQL.

I am an open source maintainer for CodeBuddies, a project I founded in 2014. It is 100% volunteer and driven by a bunch of amazing contributors, and also transparently non-profit thanks to the Open Collective. The project was awarded an Awesome Foundation grant in 2018. More details about its mission here.

I doubled majored in Economics and Public Policy at Duke University, but fell in love with software development my last semester, when I convinced a professor to give me independent study credit to spend waaay too many hours building a social network platform to connect college students interested in civic impact and volunteerism.

I enjoy talking to other developers, and am always learning.


In my spare time I enjoy arranging and recording violin covers. I'll sometimes put the sheet music I arranged directly in the video so that other violinists can learn how to play the song as well.

More recently, I've been playing around with a loop pedal:

I've also been experimenting with composing using a loop pedal:

I find video editing relaxing, and have made some non-violin ones as well, like a 3-minute conference documentary and travel videos:


I am on Medium. I also have an old coding diaries blog that hasn't been updated in years. Sometimes I plop code tidbits onto this tumblr.


I don't tend to go out of my way to speak, but here are some events I've spoken at:


Locally, I volunteer as a meetup organizer for Women Who Code East Bay and Oakland PyLadies twice a month. In the past, I've also volunteered for PyBay (the same conference I unexpectedly shot my first documentary short) and SASSConf.

Also in the past, I was an enthusiastic participant of hackathons in NYC, like Techcrunch Disrupt, Comedy Hack Day, and the New York Times Hack Day, and the Monthly Music Hackathon.

Of course, I've also organized a bunch of study hangouts for the CodeBuddies community.